Welcome to Watt Trekker! The Watt Trekker web-based video series follows two sisters as they search for promising energy solutions for the future. In the inaugural series, Watt Trekker turned its sights on the Solar Decathlon, a college-based competition to design & build super-efficient, innovative, solar-powered homes. Nineteen teams from around the world came together in Southern California in October 2013 to assemble their homes into a solar powered village. We visited with teams to learn about solar home features and the many diverse disciplines(and thus careers) that are needed to build a solar home.

Our most recent Watt Trekker Episode is “Totality Awesome!! – Experiencing the Solar Eclipse of 2017” (August 2017). Read Pauline’s article about the experience along with additional photos.

Check out these solar powered Tiny Houses from SMUD’s Tiny House Competition, modeled after the DOE Solar Decathlon (October 2016)

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